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Unable to Find a Contract in Official Status
Unable to Find a Contract in Official Status
This article will help you find a contract once it's in Official status.
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Finding a contract in Commerce: Click here to learn about Contract Activity.

Finding a contract in SPAN:
If you have saved and printed a contract to move it to Official status but are unable to find the contract afterward, it is likely due to the browser window being closed too quickly after the contract was printed.

Once you have printed the Official contract, you should receive a pop-up that asks you to click OK to close the contract. After you have clicked OK, wait until the page refreshes and you see the contract status change to Official before you close your browser window.

If this does not correct the issue and it seems that the contract will not move to Official status, there could be a setting that needs to be edited in your browser. Click here for an article that will show you how to edit these settings.

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