Official - The system changes the status of a contract to Official after the user clicks the 'Print Official' button to print the contract for the customer. The contract must be in Official status in order to be Finalized.

Finalized - The user clicked on Finalize from the Search Contracts screen. The contract is moved onto an open remit sheet.

Submitted - The user sends the remit sheet with the contracts to the provider. There is nothing else that can be done to the contract at this point.

Archived - This status means that the user clicked on the 'Archive' button. This cannot be undone. If a contract is Archived in error, a new contract will have to be created.

NOTE: If the 'Get Contract Form(s)' button is not clicked, the contract will not be created and will remain a quote. Quotes over 5 days old are cleared from the system automatically.

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