If one of the messages below appears (or any other message related to VINs), the VIN number is incorrect. You should get the VIN number directly off the vehicle and make sure it’s listed correctly on the invoice.

If you believe that the VIN number you are entering is correct, you can verify the VIN number by going to http://www.decodethis.com/

If http://www.decodethis.com/ returns vehicle information, please email Client Support (support@taillight.com) and provide the following information. We will let you know as soon as the VIN is ready to go!

(NOTE: For Zurich, EasyCare, and Ford dealerships, if the VIN is valid but it's not being recognized, you will need to contact your provider for support. Tail Light cannot enter VINs into your system.)

  • VIN

  • Make

  • Model Year

  • Series Name

  • Base Model Name

  • Number of Cylinders

  • Fuel Type

  • Driving Engine

  • Fuel OptionX

  • Is it a One Ton Vehicle?


VIN has a bad check digit

VIN entered is not a valid VIN

Could not find any eligible products for dealer and vehicle

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

No products found for dealer and vehicle

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