Step 1: Navigate to the Reports tab. To schedule a report, click the ellipsis and select Re-schedule or Schedule.

Step 2: Adjust the subject line and make selections based on your needs.

Step 3: Click on “Recipient Details” at the top of the page. Choose a name from the Available Recipients, then click the right arrow to add them to the list of people who will be sent the report. When you are finished, click on the Save button. (The Available Recipients are users assigned to the Dealership. If you wish to send the report to someone who does not have an account, you can enter their email separately at the bottom.)

Step 4: You will see that a green arrow has been added next to the report you scheduled on the Reports page. This indicates that a schedule has been set for the report.

Scheduled Report History

You can view the history of a scheduled report to confirm it was delivered by clicking the ellipsis icon of any report that has a green check mark, select Re-schedule. When the box appears, click on History. You will be shown the date, status, and details and recipients of the previously scheduled and delivered reports. Click on “Details & Recipients” for additional details such as to whom the report was sent.

Cancel a Scheduled Report

If you want to cancel a scheduled report, click the ellipsis icon of the report you wish to cancel (it will have a green check mark). Select Re-schedule then click the Delete button. The box will close and the Reports page will refresh to show the green check mark removed.

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