NOTE: This is not a feature that is available to all providers at this time.

There are two ways to use filtering. The first way functions in Commerce and the second way functions in Menu.

Scenario #1: Filtering out individual products in Commerce.

  • Example: Your dealership offers multiple VSC products, but you only want to quote a few of them.

Once the deal has been built in Menu, click on Rate All to open Commerce. Click on the Filtering FAB and uncheck the box next to the products that you do not want to rate. Close the FAB window and the rates for the products that remained selected will return.

Scenario #2: Filtering out an entire product category in Menu.

  • Example: The vehicle being sold is not eligible for GAP; therefore, GAP does not need to be rated in Commerce.

Once the deal has been built in Menu, you will unselect the product by unchecking the box next to the product in the Eligible column. This will block the product from being rated when you open Commerce by clicking on Rate All.

Note that GAP is not listed in the Jump To listing in Commerce because we have excluded it in Menu.

If you unselect a product in this manner and you find that you need to add it back to the deal after you have rated and selected other products, there are additional steps that you will need to take.

In Menu, re-select the product (check the box under the Eligible column).

Click on the Rate All link to refresh the Commerce tab and then go to Commerce. You will now need to force Commerce to reload the products. Click on the Filtering Fast Action Button (FAB). Check the box next to “force loading” and close the FAB window. Commerce will refresh and return rates for all Menu-selected products.

NOTE: This action will clear anything you’ve already quoted out of the Quotes Queue and it clears any rates that have been pushed into Menu already.

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