To access your Profit Settings, you will need to be in the Rating screen. You can access Rating by clicking on "Rate All" or "eRating" from the Menu.

In the Rating screen, click on Settings in the top menu bar. This is where you will go to adjust all settings including Display Settings, Profit Settings, and Lender Settings. This article will focus on Display Settings, which is listed in the first section of the Settings page.

Make selections based on the following information:

  • Show Profit and Dealer Cost: This option allows you to view the cost of products on the quote screen. Choose to view them, never, always, or only when right clicked.

  • Allow Retail Price to be Modified: This option asks if you want the ability to modify the retail price of products in the quote.

  • Defaults: These drop downs allow you to choose default plans for quotes.

When you have made the appropriate selections, click on the Save Display Settings button.

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