The status of a contract will change as it moves through the contracting and remittance process. Below is a list of the statuses and their meanings.

Started - This status indicates the contract has been created but was never saved by the user. The user left the contract screen without saving the contract as Print Draft, Print Official, Save, or Discard.

Saved - This status means the user saved the contract but has not printed the official contract for the customer.

Official - The system changes the status of a contract to Official after the user clicks the 'Print Official' button to print the contract for the customer. The contract must be in Official status in order to be Finalized.

Finalized - The user clicked on Finalize from the Search Contracts screen. The contract is moved onto an open remit sheet.

Submitted - The user has closed the remit sheet and the contract is sent to the provider. There is nothing else that can be done to the contract at this point.

Archived - This status means the user clicked on the 'Archive' button. The contract can be unarchived and made active by going to the Search Contracts tab. NOTE: Unarchiving a contract changes the contract to 'Saved' status and creates a duplicate contract that will be in 'Discarded' status. If you want to move forward with completing the contract, edit and print the version that is in 'Discarded' status. You will then Archive the version in 'Saved' status.

Discarded - This status means that the user either clicked on the 'Discard' button while viewing the contract or they unarchived a contract.

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