If the term changes after you have already rated GAP, you will need to go back to Commerce and re-rate GAP using the new term.

The deal shown already has products rated. We can now copy the rates across to all plan options and print the menu for our customer.

GAP was rated using the term in financing option 1, which is 60 months. If the customer wants to choose financing option 2, the term changes to 72 months, which makes the current GAP rate invalid.

If we move forward into contracting, you will see a message under GAP that indicates that the financial information has changed and that GAP needs to be re-rated.

You will need to go back to the Menu tab and click on Rate All to flip Commerce into rating mode.

You will see a message at the bottom left of the screen that indicates that the GAP is being rerated based on the new financial data.

Jump down to your GAP product and click on the price. You will see the newly quoted GAP product in your quotes queue. Go back to the Menu tab, click calculate, and then click on eContracts to flip Commerce into contracting mode. You will now be able to create an official GAP contract.

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