For SPAN only dealerships: Click on Settings in the top menu bar after logging into SPAN.

For dealerships that use ProfitMenu: To access your Profit Settings, you will need to be in the Rating screen. You can access Rating by clicking on "Rate All" or "eRating" from the Menu.

In the Rating screen, click on Settings in the top menu bar.

The Settings menu is where you will go to adjust all settings including Display Settings, Profit Settings, and Lender Settings. This article will focus on Profit Settings, which is listed in the second section on the Settings page.

You will notice that the available products are listed to the right of the section. To edit a product, click on the bubble next to the product and the information will populate into the fields to the left of the section. Once the product is selected, you can make adjustments to any field except for the product field. The fields that appear on the screen are dependent on which Profit Type you select for the product. There are three profit types: Flat, Percentage, and Fixed Retail.

Flat Profit Type

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Profit Amount: This is the default flat profit markup amount that your dealership aims to make off the sale of this product.

  • Percentage of Cost Cap: This is the maximum profit allowed based on the cost of the product. For example, the dealer cost of the product is $200 and the percentage of cost cap is 300%. The maximum profit allowed on this product would then be $600 (300% of $200 = $600).

Percentage Profit Type

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Percentage: This is a percentage of the cost that will be added to the product as dealership profit. For example, if the cost of the product is $200 and the percentage is set at 150%, the final profit of the product will be $300 (150% of $200 = $300) making the retail value to the customer $500 ($300 profit + $200 cost = $500 retail value).

  • Max Profit: This amount is the maximum profit the dealership will make when selling this product, regardless of the set percentage. Using the previous example, if this was set at $250 then the dealership would make $250, not the $300 calculated profit.

Fixed Retail Profit Type

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Retail Amount: This is the set retail amount of the product. This determines the retail price of the product regardless of the true cost unless the cost exceeds this value then the cost would override this amount.

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