For SPAN only dealerships: Click on Settings in the top menu bar after logging into SPAN.

For dealerships that use ProfitMenu: To access your Profit Settings, you will need to be in the Rating screen. You can access Rating by clicking on "Rate All" or "eRating" from the Menu.

In the Rating screen, click on Settings in the top menu bar.

The Settings menu is where you will go to adjust all settings including Display Settings, Profit Settings, and Lender Settings. This article will focus on Lender Settings, which is listed in the third section on the Settings page.

Step 1: To add a lender, click on Add Lender.

Step 2: Enter the appropriate information into the fields and click on Save Lender.

Step 3: To edit an existing lender, click on Edit.

Step 4: The lender will open and you can edit the fields as necessary. When you are finished, click on Save Lender.

Step 5: To delete a lender, click on Delete. A box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the lender. To move forward, click on OK. To cancel the deletion of the lender, click on Cancel.

NOTE: Lenders cannot be edited on a contract once the contract has been submitted. If you have an existing contract that needs to have the lender changed, you will need to Archive the contract and create a new one.

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