NOTE: Click the Calculate button before accessing Commerce.

General Layout

  1. There are three Fast Action Buttons (FABs) on the left: vehicle information, buyer information, and transaction information. Some of the fields can be edited if necessary. (More explanation provided further in this article.) You may have a fourth icon that will allow you to filter products (not available to all providers).

  2. There is a “Jump To” icon at the bottom left that allows you to navigate to a specific product without having to scroll down the page.

  3. Products being offered by the dealership will be displayed in the main area. Retail prices are displayed based on the coverage, deductible, and options/surcharges that were selected.

  4. If there are multiple products available, there will be an arrow you can select to change the coverages. If you make a change here, you will need to select ‘Update’ before the prices will adjust.

  5. The More Options icon can give you access to the settings for your dealership (your profile, lender settings, and product settings) and to Contract Activity.

Fast Action Buttons (FABs)

You will want to check the accuracy of the information that was imported from the Menu. If the Vehicle Information FAB does not open automatically, click the icon. You may need to select a Warranty/In Service Date in order to continue.

Click on the Buyer Information FAB. If the information in this FAB is not correct, it needs to be changed in the Menu. It is important that this information is complete and accurate.

Click on the Transaction Information FAB. Verify that the transaction information from the Menu is correct and select a lender from the drop down. If the information in this FAB is not correct, just as before, it needs to be changed in the Menu. Click the “X” to go to the main page.


Choose the product you would like to offer to your customer from the coverage dropdown. Locate the coverage you would like to offer and click on the price listed in that square.

Once a price is selected, the product will collapse, and a recap of the product selection will display. As you make your selections, you will see a queuing icon spin above the Jump To icon as your choices are being pushed back into the first product option column in the Menu.

After you have selected your products, use the Jump To icon to jump to the contracts queue and review the quotes selected. To change the price of a product, click on the price itself. It will expand and give you insight to the cost and profit set for that product. If you make changes, click the Update button to update the price on the quote. This will update the price of the product for this deal only.

Up to this point, the products we’ve selected have been entered into the first product plan in the Menu. Click on Copy in the Menu to copy the first product plan across to all plans. Select/Deselect which products to offer/not offer to your customer, click on Calculate, print the Menu, and perform your regular Menu presentation to your customer. 

After the customer selects the financing and product option that’s best for them, go back to the Menu. Click Final for both the financing option and the product option that they chose and click Calculate. You are now ready to Contract the deal. Click on eContracts and navigate back to the Commerce tab.


Quotes that are ready to be Contracted will have the Official box checked. If you have deselected a product in your Menu that you originally rated, you will still see it in the contract queue, but you will be unable to convert it to official. To finish and print your Contracts, click on the Create button. If you have entered all the information in the Menu that is required to create the contracts, they will automatically be created. If not, the PreFlight window will appear.


PreFlight requires you to do one final check of the information that came from the Menu or that you have entered up to this point. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Move through each available tab and check that the information is complete. Once all the required information is entered, the Finish button will become available. Click Finish to complete the contract.

The screen will refresh and the system will display the contracts in an official status. You can click the view button for each contract to view and print. You can click on the More link to view a breakdown of the cost and profit for that product. This completes the eContracting process.

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