Step 1: To enable multiple product descriptions, navigate to settings and click on Configure. If multiple product descriptions are enabled already, the button next to "Allow Multiple Product Descriptions" will say "Disable". If the button reads "Enable", click on the button to enable to option.

Step 2: After multiple product descriptions are enabled, you will want to set up the descriptions themselves. Navigate to the Products section in Settings. You can either enter a new product using the fields at the top or you can click on an existing product to edit that product. You will see a link next to the description field. Enter a primary description in the field, then click on the "Add/Edit Alternate Descriptions" link.

Step 3: A box will appear. Type a name for the new description and enter the alternate description in the Description field. To enter more than one alternate description, click, on the "Add new description" link under the Name field. If you want to delete a description, click the word Delete next to the description. Click the OK button. To save the alternate descriptions, click on the Save button after the box closes.

Using Alternate Product Descriptions

To use an alternate product description, from the Menu before you calculate a deal, click on the "+" link next to the product. A box will appear. Click on the description you want to use on the printed menu.

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