These include:

  • Auto Status

  • Show Fees in Reports (Menu Reports)

  • Show Quick Final Button

  • Allow Multiple Product Descriptions

  • Menu Report Settings (Printed Menu and Printed Disclosure)

Step 1: Navigate to Settings by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of the screen and clicking on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Configure. The configure page will appear and show you 5 configure options. Their descriptions are listed below.

Auto Status

For information about Auto Status, reference the "Automatically Save Deals in Menu" article by clicking here.

Show Fees in Reports

In this instance, the word "reports" refers to the printed menu and disclosure. Enabling this feature will allow the system to include the fees and fee details in the printed menus and disclosures.

Show Quick Final Button

Enabling this feature will activate "Final" links which will appear below each option after the deal has been calculated. The screen below shows where these links are located. Clicking this link activates a 1-click selection of both the lender and the option. It will also automatically print the disclosure.

NOTE: You will first find the product option your customer chose, then click on "Final" underneath the first payment to choose the first financing option, under the second payment to choose the second financing option, etc.

Allow Multiple Product Descriptions

For information on this feature, reference the "Managing Multiple Product Description in Menu" article by clicking here.

Report Settings

In this instance, the word "reports" refers to the printed menu and disclosure. This section allows you to choose which types of reports to make available. You can adjust the order of the reports by changing the number next to the report name to the desired position. Click the check box under "Show in Menu?" if you want to be able to print that particular report from the Menu after you calculate a deal. Save any changes you make to this section by clicking on the Save Report Changes button.

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