NOTE: Only available for Zurich dealerships enrolled in the illuminate Mobile Menu program.

The illuminate Used Report is available for these report types:

  • Matrix Report by Columns - Standard Grouping (Page: Finance MGR; Column: illuminate Used)

  • Matrix Report by Rows

  • Lender Report

  • Matrix Report Ranking

  • Distribution Report

There are three illuminate usage statuses that will appear on the report:

  • illuminate Not Used - the deal was never opened in illuminate

  • illuminate Opened (Not Completed) - the deal was retrieved in illuminate and went through the “Begin” steps but was not Finalized

  • illuminate Finalized - the deal was retrieved in illuminate, went through the “Begin” steps, and was finalized

After you have created and ran the report, from the Configuration At A Glance page, click the blue arrow until you locate the illuminate Usage Data.

You will see the three columns of usage statuses and a column for total. From here, you can click on any hyperlinked number to see the details of the deals in each column.

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