The most common cause of missing data are non-validated deals. Non-Validated deals do not appear in reports. For more information about Non-Validated Deals, click here.

Your report may be set to automatically filter out some data. Click here to learn how to modify a report and navigate to the "Filter" area from the left menu.

When your report was created, the person who created the report may have chose to exclude some data. There are two types of exclusions: Drop Down and Check Box Exclusions, and Other Exclusions. To learn how to verify Drop Down and Check Box Exclusions, click here. To learn how to verify Other Exclusions, click here.

Data could be missing due to products being mapped incorrectly or unmapped all together. To learn about Mapping Products at the Group Level, click here.

At this point if there is still missing data in your reports, your data may be inaccurate due to products that are being excluded at the dealership level but not on a group, district, or regional level. You will need to determine which dealership has the incorrect data at the district level then click here for the steps on how to correct this issue.

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