Auto Validation (for DMS integrated dealerships only) – Auto validation is a setting that automatically validates a deal when it's pulled into Reporting, as long as all required fields are complete. A deal is considered “non-validated” if it is missing any required information when the deal is pulled into Reporting. Only validated deals will be included in your reports. Any changes made in the DMS will update the deal in Reporting during the next refresh cycle. If your dealership is set for Auto Validation, the fields in the deal will be locked in Reporting and you cannot make changes. Any changes you make to the deal will need to be made in the DMS first and then pulled into Reporting again in order for the deal to update with the changes.

Manual Validation (for all dealerships) – If your dealership is set for Manual Validation, the fields in the deal will be unlocked in Reporting and you can make changes as necessary. A deal is considered "non-validated" if you have not manually validated the deal. Any changes you make to the deal will need to be saved by clicking the “Validate/Save” button. All deals must be manually validated by a user. If a deal is changed in your DMS after it's validated, the changes will not carry over to Reporting. Only validated deals will be included in your reports.

Q: How do I see if my dealership is set for Auto Validation or Manual Validation? 

A: Your dealership cannot be set for auto validation unless they are DMS integrated. Click on the Configure tab. Locate and click on Validation. The option that is selected is your current set up. If you want to change this, choose the opposite option and click on update. If you do not have access to the Settings tab, please contact your system administrator or provider representative to request access.

Q: How do I Validate Deals if I am on Auto Validation?

A: If you are on auto validation, you are unable to make changes to the deal in Reporting. Because of this, your first step is to find out why the deal is not validating.

  1. Find the deal under the Find tab. The non-validated deals are easy to find because they will be highlighted in red.

  2. Click on the deal itself and it will open under the Input tab.

  3. Look for any field that is marked as --Required--. This means that the information was either not entered in the original deal in your DMS or that the information coming from your DMS is not lining up correctly in Reporting.

  4. You will need to go back to the deal in the DMS and enter the required information.

  5. If the information is correct in your DMS, please reference the next question.

Q: The required information is listed in the DMS correctly but why is it still not being imported into Reporting? 

A: This means that your DMS is not lining up with Reporting correctly. In order to resolve this, begin by identifying the field that will not import correctly. You will need the DMS IDs from your DMS to update the corresponding field in Reporting. Pay close attention to the lender and personnel fields as those are the fields that are most commonly missing required information.

If the deal is missing Personnel information (Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Person, etc.), reference the article "Managing Personnel in Reporting" by clicking here.

If you need more assistance on editing items in the Configure tab, reference the article “Managing the Configure Tab” by clicking here.

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