These associations link the person so that reporting can accurately reflect all the deals for which they are responsible. This will also combine the person's unit counts in Group Reports into a single line item. Before you can associate the person with more than one dealership, the person will need to be added to the drop down at each dealership.

NOTE: You will need to have access to the group level in Reporting to use Drop Down Item Associations.

Step 1: When you are logged into the group level, navigate to the Configure tab and click on the Drop Down Item Associations button.

Step 2: A box will appear. First you will choose the category that your person is associated with. In this example, we will choose Finance Manager.

Step 3: Find the person under the filter drop down. You will want to make sure that you are choosing the person from their primary dealership from the drop down of the Filter field. Next, choose the same person at the associated dealership from the Associated Filter drop down. When you are finished, click the Save button.

NOTE: You will want to do this for every dealership in which the person is associated. Just repeat this process to link the information together. Always be sure to select the person's primary dealership in the Filter drop down for every association.

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