NOTE: This article is for DMS integrated dealerships only.

Step 1:
To begin, check your lender settings. To manage your lenders, navigate to Settings by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of the screen and clicking on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Lenders to open the lenders editor. Click on the Lender of the deal you are attempting to correct. The lender will highlight and the fields at the top will auto populate with the lender’s information. Each lender can have default settings for first payment, acquisition fee, security deposit, etc. Confirm the lender selected has the same settings as what is set in your DMS. When you are finished, click the Save button. Click on Return to Menu and re-pull the deal to check the accuracy of the deal.

NOTE: Making changes in settings will effect all deals. In the steps after this one, you are making changes to a specific deal.

Step 3: If the payment is still not matching, you might have to adjust the settings in the deal itself. Begin by checking the tax rates and fees associated with the deal. Click on “Tax %” or “Fees $” to access these areas. Make sure the fields match the deal in the DMS. NOTE: The “include” and “upfront” selections made in the DMS will not carry over to the Menu.

Step 4: Check that the cash/deposit field matches either the cap reduction or the total amount of cash being placed down on the vehicle.

Step 5: Another area that might need to be adjusted is the lease settings for the lender. You can access these settings after you choose lease and the lender from the drop down. Then click on “Base Residual” to open the settings. Make sure the fields match the DMS.

Step 6: Also under the “Base Residual” settings, verify how the Menu is handling the Capitalized Cost Reduction. If the amount in the Cash/Deposit field has been adjusted to exclude (subtracted) any upfront costs, then you will choose to Handle Cash Down as Cap Reduction. If the amount in the Cash/Deposit field has not been adjusted and it’s the actual cash down, then you will choose to Handle Cash Down as Total Cash.

If the problem still persists, please click the chat icon in the lower right corner to start a chat session with a member of our Client Support team.

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