Step 1: To see what is being excluded from a report, your first step is to run the report. After the report is run, the first page will list any excluded drop downs, excluded check boxes, or other exclusions. This article will explain how to include drop downs and check boxes. If you are looking to learn how to include other exclusions, please reference the “Other Exclusions” article here.

Step 2: To change these exclusions, first click on the Reports tab and click the pencil icon of the line of the report you want to change.

Step 3: After you click the pencil icon, the Report Wizard appears. Drop down and check box exclusions are listed under Filters, so click on Filters in the menu. Then scroll down the list of drop downs until you find the one that has been excluded. If you want to include the item, click on the checkbox to activate the item. Do this for all excluded drop downs that you want to include.

Step 4: Check Box exclusions are also listed under Filters. Choosing “Ignored” means that you do not want to exclude any of the check boxes on the deal, whether they are checked or unchecked in the deal. If you only want to see transactions where the boxes are checked on a deal, click the bubble under Yes. If you only want to see transactions where the boxes are unchecked on a deal, click the bubble under No.

Step 5: When you are done altering the Filters, you can jump directly to save the report by clicking on Finish in the menu then click on the Finish button. You can now run the report again and the items you chose will be included.

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