Step 1: To see what is being excluded from a report, your first step is to run the report. After the report is run, the first page will list any excluded drop downs, excluded check boxes, or other exclusions. This article will explain how to include the items listed under Other Exclusions. If you are looking to learn how to include drop down or check box exclusions, please reference the “Drop Down and Check Box Exclusions” article here.

Step 2: Take a closer look at the report you pulled. You will see that the Other Exclusions are broken down by units, penetration, income, and average. You will also see where the item is being excluded from. In this example, the exclusions are all from GAP.

Step 3: Click on the Configure tab and then click on Profit Centers. Since all of your exclusions are from GAP, click on the report icon in the GAP line item.

NOTE: If you are not an administrator, you will not have access to the Configure tab. In order to move forward, you will need to either be an administrator or contact your administrator.

Step 4: A box will appear. The checked items shown are being excluded from ALL matrix reports that you can pull under the Reports tab. In order to include the items, uncheck them then click on Save.

NOTE: Making changes in this area of the profit center categories will effect ALL matrix reports, not just the one you are attempting to change.

Step 5: After you click save, close the box by clicking on the X at the top right corner. You can now run the report again with the items included.

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