You can add, edit, and deactivate personnel (Finance Managers, Sales Managers and Sales People) if you are an admin in the Reporting application.

Adding Personnel

Navigate to the Configure page and click on Drop Downs. You will see a list of all the current drop down options related to deals. Click the button of the appropriate drop down in order to add personnel to that drop down. For example, if you are adding a Sales Manager, click on Sales Manager.

Enter the person’s name into the name field. The abbreviation will auto populate (you have the ability to edit if needed). For DMS integrated dealerships, enter the corresponding DMS ID for that person. This is critical for validation.

When you are finished, click Save to save the person.

Editing Personnel

To edit a person, click on the pencil icon next to the person you wish to edit. The person's record will highlight green and you can make your edits in the fields above. When you are finished making edits, click Save to save the person.

Deactivating Personnel

To remove a person, you are going to make them inactive. To begin, click on the pencil icon like you are going to edit. The person's record will highlight. Un-check the box under the Active column. Click Save to save the person. The page will refresh and you will see that the person is now listed as inactive. To make a person active again, just reverse this process.

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