If data (including Power Rating, unit counts, averages, penetrations, and total income amounts) at the dealership level are different than those in a group level or higher, this is likely due to unmapped products, mapping corrections (incorrect mappings from one level to the next), or exclusions at the Group Level.

If the data is inaccurate at a regional or district level, then the mapping will need to be checked on all levels starting with the group level. Even if all products have been mapped on a regional level, all the products at the group level must be mapped as well. You will want to start at the group level and then work your way up as needed.

Step 1: To map products at any level, you must have access to to each level of the group beneath the one you are mapping. To begin, after you log in, choose the level and the organization in which the products need to be mapped and click on the Go button.

Step 2: If there are unmapped products, you will see a pop up box stating as such. To view the list of unmapped products, click on OK. If you do not see this message, that means all your products have been mapped correctly.

Step 3: The list that appears is the list of unmapped products which shows you which profit center products need to be mapped. Click on the Configure Mapping button to move forward.

Step 4: You are sent to the Mapping section of the Configure tab. Select the type of item you want to map from the Select Item Type drop down. To map products, select Profit Centers. Click on the “+” for each unmapped group to see which products need to be mapped.

Step 5: In this example, you need to map Aftermarket –Term Care to its proper place. Click on the “+” for Aftermarket. You will see the products listed as Term Care.

Step 6: Your next action is to drag “Term Care” over and drop it into the product under the profit center category. Do this for all unmapped products. When all the products in a group have been mapped, the “+” sign will not appear. When you are finished, click on the Save button. Once all the products are mapped to all levels, the data should show in reporting, as the data now has a complete path to the reports.

NOTE: If there is not an applicable profit center category to add the product to at the current level, you will need to create it under the profit centers tab in the group level beneath the one you are logged into. Then go back to the Group mapping tool and map the product to the newly created profit center category. To learn how to add a new profit center category, reference the "Profit Center Categories" article by clicking here.

Step 7: Once you have done this at any level, then the level above the one you are working would need to be checked and mapped. This process would need to be repeated until the products are mapped up the level at which the report is being ran.

NOTE: If you are attempting to correct the Power Rating and following these steps does not correct the issue, reference the "Differences in Data Between the Dealership and the Group" article by clicking here.

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