Objectives are goals that can be set for the dealership, transaction type, deal type, finance manager, sales manager, sales person, and PCO-VSC. These objectives can be added to reports.

Step 1: Navigate to the Objectives tab. Begin by choosing the data for which the objective will be set. The fields that populate are based on the type of data you choose. In this example, we will choose Finance Manager.

Step 2: Choose the specific Finance Manager for the objective and then choose the year and month of sale for the objective.

Step 3: Enter the targeted number of Delivered Units (the penetration, incomes, and averages are automatically calculated based on the delivered units, but they can be changed).

Step 4: Enter the targeted penetration percentage values (the incomes are based on the penetrations).

Step 5: Enter the targeted average sale prices for each product. When you are finished, click on the Save Objective button.

To learn how to add objectives to a report, reference the "Creating a Report" article by clicking here and click on the "Objectives" link under that report.

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