NOTE: Your Input tab layout may differ from the ones shown.


Deals are populated into the Input fields either manually or via DMS integration. Some fields are required. If there is missing information from a required field, the deal will not validate, which means it will not be included in your reports. For more information on validating deals, reference the "Non-Validated Deals" article by clicking here.

For dealerships set to auto validation, the fields will be locked and cannot be edited. If changes need to be made, you will need to make them in your DMS and then re-pull the deal into Reporting. For more information on how to make edits to deals if you are set to auto validation, reference the "Auto Validation vs. Manual Validation" article by clicking here.

If you have trouble changing the finance reserve field, reference the "Unable to Change Finance Reserve in Input" article by clicking here.


The Design section assists you by giving you the choice of where to place the information in your deal layout.

If you have just added a profit center product, you might want to choose it's location in Input. To find out how, reference the "Designing the Input Tab" article by clicking here.

If you just added a profit center product but it is not listed in Input, reference the "Missing Fields in Input" article by clicking here.

If there is a product that you don't want shown, you have the ability to remove it from Input. Reference the "Removing a Cell in Input" article by clicking here.

If a product field is not showing all the information or if it's larger than needed, you can adjust the size of the field. To learn how to do this, reference the "Adjust Size of Text Boxes in Input" article by clicking here.


To learn about the Chargebacks section, reference the "Managing Chargebacks in Reporting" article by clicking here.

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