Reynolds & Reynolds (RCI)

  • Step 1: In Reynolds, from the Main Screen, go to screen 4881 and select Enter.

  • Step 2: Choose Option 1 - Bank Maintenance and select Enter.

  • Step 3: At this point, a list of all the Lenders and Lender Codes should be displayed.


  • You will need to contact Tail Light Client Support by starting a chat session or emailing us at


  • Locate your list of lenders by entering MENU SU from your F&I account.

  • Go to Purchase/Lease Setups.

  • Select either Purchase Setups or Lease Setups. You will see your purchase or lease lenders based on which option you selected.


  • Navigate to the F/I Billing module. You can find the lenders codes in two areas: #7 - Maintenance of System File or #11 - Maintenance of Lender File

  • Press F7 on your keyboard to open the Print Listing Preview. From here you can print or save the list of lenders.


  • You will need to contact ACS at (800) 227-8187, option 3, to learn how to access your lender codes.

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