Reporting uses the Month of Sale to sort the data of most reports. Since all reports set to run on “Current Month” use this indicator, you will want to ensure the Month of Sale for your Reporting application is current. If it appears that an incorrect month is listed on a deal, it is possible that the month needs to be archived.

Since many dealerships start their month on different days, we have empowered the dealership to set their current month. This is handled by Archiving the existing month.

The steps for doing this are listed below:

Step 1: From any screen you can click on the “Archive” button.

Step 2: The Archive page will open. It will indicate the month in which you are currently entering transactions. To start a new month, click the “Start New Month” button.

Step 3: A box will appear asking you to choose the month and the year you wish to start. If you would like to add objectives to the month, check the box next to “Add Objectives”. When you are ready, click the “Start New Month” button.

Step 4: The page will refresh and you will see the new month displayed at the top of the page.

Need to restore the previous month?

If you want to restore a previous month, choose the month from the drop down menu and click the “Restore Month” button.

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