Once a new item (profit center, drop down, checkbox, etc) is added to Reporting, the corresponding field is added to the last line on the Input screen. If the field is missing, here are the steps to place the field on the input screen. In the example below, we just added APR as a Profit Center, and it is not listed on the Input screen.

Step 1: Navigate to the Input tab and click on Design to begin. The List of Fields box can be moved around the page or closed so you can see various cells that may be covered up. (If you close the List of Fields box you can reopen it by clicking on List Fields.)

Step 2: You will need the List of Fields box in order to find your missing product. The tabs at the top of the box correspond to the areas of the configure tab. Since the item we need to add is a product in a profit center, click the profit center tab.

Step 3: A list of Removed Fields will be listed at the top. These are products that are currently not shown on deals. To add one of these fields, first locate the cell in which you want the product to be listed. You can either add a new cell or choose an empty one. If you have questions about adding cells, please reference the article “Designing the Input Tab” by clicking here. Click the cell of your choice and it will highlight in blue.

Step 4: Next, find the product in the List of Fields under Removed Fields and click on it. The product cell will jump to the empty cell automatically.

Step 5: After you are done making any changes to the Design page, you must click the Save button so your changes will be saved. The page will refresh and your changes can be seen on the Input page.

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