Step 1: Navigate to the Configure tab. Click on Deal Type. A box will appear and you will see a list of all the current deal types.

Step 2: Use the fields at the top of the window to add a new Deal Type. First enter the name of the deal type in the name field. The abbreviation will populate automatically but you are able to change this if needed.

For DMS integrated dealers ONLY: Enter the DMS ID assigned for the deal type as it is listed in your DMS system. If the DMS ID does not match what is in the Dealer's DMS system, it could cause deals not to validate.

Step 3: Keep the active box checked for the deal type to be active. When you are finished, click the green checkmark to save the new deal type. The new deal type will be shown in the list.

Editing a Deal Type

To edit the deal type, click on the pencil icon.

The deal type line will turn green and you can make your edits above. When you are finished making edits, click the green checkmark to save the deal type.

Removing a Deal Type

Deal Types are removed by making them inactive.

To begin, click on the pencil icon next to the deal type. The line will turn green. Then uncheck the box under the Active column. Click the green checkmark to save the deal type. To make a deal type active again, just reverse this process.

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