NOTE: You can only add products to existing profit centers categories. If you need to set up a new profit center category, please reference the "Profit Center Categories" article by clicking here.

Adding a Profit Center Product

Step 1:  Navigate to the Configure tab and click on Profit Centers.

Step 2:  Select the profit center for which you are adding the product. In this example, we will use Service Contract, and add a VSC product.

Step 3: A box will appear that lists all the current products under the profit center category. To add a new product, use the fields at the top of the box and begin by typing the name of the product into the name field. When you are finished, click the green check mark to save the product.

Step 4:  The new product will appear in the product list for that profit center category.

Now that you have added the product, you will need to map it to Reporting. To map the new product to the group level, refer to the “Mapping Products at the Group Level” by clicking here.

Editing a Profit Center Product

To edit the name of the product, click the pencil icon next to the product you wish to edit. The product listing will become green and the name will appear in the name field above. When you are finished with your edits, click the green check mark to save the product.

Removing a Profit Center Product

In order to remove a product, you are going to make it inactive. Click on the pencil icon like you are going to edit the product. The line will turn green. Uncheck the box under the Active column. Click the green check mark to save the product.

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