There are two types of utilization reports you can run: a Utilization Summary report and an Activity Detail report. Choose which type you want to run, choose the desired date range, and click on the View Report button.

NOTE: For these reports to be available, you will need to have Auto-Status activated. To learn how to activate Auto-Status, reference the "Automatically Save Deals in Menu" article by clicking here.

Utilization Summary

The Utilization Summary will tell you how the Menu is being used at your dealership. It will show how many deals are in certain statuses as both a number and a percentage. It will show the total dealership numbers and also break the numbers down by manager if the manager was selected in the deal. This report is populated as a PDF so you can choose to save or print it as needed.

Activity Detail

The Activity Detail report will tell you the activity of each deal in the menu. It is broken down by status and show you the print activity for each deal. You can choose which statuses to exclude by unchecking the check boxes.

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