In this example, the dealership is integrated with CDK.

The DMS Find feature allows you to search for deals in your DMS and import the data into Menu. Clicking on DMS Find will open a small window. 

Once the the deal is imported, you can work the deal as usual. After you have chosen the final financing option and the final product option, you can click on DMS Save and the information will save back to your DMS with a few stipulations.

  • The Save function will push the retail price of the products to your DMS.

  • The product dealer cost will not be pushed to the DMS.

  • The retail price will only push back to your DMS if the products have been mapped from the Menu to the DMS.

  • The deal cannot be opened in the DMS when attempting to use DMS Save. If it is open or not closed properly, no data will be sent to the DMS.

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