NOTE: The check boxes featured in the Ranking tab have three different functions.

  • A normal check in the box means that that data is included

  • A grayed-out check tells Reporting to ignore the data (only applies to check box options)

  • No check in the box tells Reporting to exclude the data

Step 1:  Navigate to the Ranking tab in Reporting. The report that appears is the default report. Choose to show rankings by transaction type, deal type, finance manager, sales manager, or sales person. In this example, we will choose finance manager.

Step 2:  Choose current month, year to date, individual months, or date range in which to see the ranking. 

Step 3: Click on the Refresh Data button. The page will refresh and show the data for the parameters you've selected. If this is the data you want to see as the default each time you visit the Ranking tab, click the Save as Default button.

Choose Columns to View

To see more or less columns, click on the Select Columns button.  A box will appear that lists all your current profit center categories. You can choose to add or remove columns from the Ranking view by checking the box to add or unchecking the box to remove. When you are finished with your selection, click the Ok button.  


Export Rankings to a Report

To export a ranking report, click on the Export Button. Choose the Ranking Report Type from the drop down. There are two types to choose from: Ranking Report – Export or Matrix Report – Ranking.

Once you click Finish, you will see the report saved on the Reports tab.

NOTE: If you wish to schedule this report to be emailed on a regular basis, see the Schedule settings on the Reports tab.

Group Ranking

If a dealership is part of a larger group, you can choose to see each location ranked as compared to the other dealerships in the group. To get started, click on Group Ranking.

You can choose to show a summary of all dealerships in the group or show how each dealership ranks. Make your selections, then click Refresh Data.  In this example, we will view all the dealerships in the group, ranked by their total income. 

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