Product choices for a customer presentation are configured in the product side-panel which is opened when the product listing is selected.

From the product side-panel, product coverage and other options are chosen to be included for a customer presentation.

Up to four product plans can be presented. Check marks designate which products are included in the respective plans.

Product plans can be presented as either Classic or Modern view by selecting the nested-triangle icon.

Classic view configures the left-most plan with all eligible products and then reduces the included products as plans display to the right.  

Modern view presents the plan with the least products on the left and then includes additional products as plans display to the right. (Modern price display techniques prefer increasing features as plan options are displayed from left to right.)

If a product is not eligible for a particular transaction, it can be marked as 'Ineligible'. An ineligible product is omitted from disclosure at the completion of a customer presentation,

Price for a product offering can be adjusted directly in the product listing by click the price displayed. Price changes can also be made in the product side-panel.

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