Selecting a Lender applies the default lease parameters such as acquisition fee, upfront values, and APR calculation. Lease parameters Defaults for Lenders are configured in Settings.

For calculation purposes, the Cash Down entered in 'Numbers | Transactions', can be designated as either Total Cash or Capitalized Cost Reduction. 

If Cap Cost Reduction is selected, values designated as Upfront are omitted from calculations. Because Upfront values are due in addition to any Capitalized Cost Reduction, they have no impact on payment calculations.

If Total Cash is selected, Upfront values are deducted from the available Cash Down. If the Cash Down exceeds the total of Upfront values, the remaining Cash Down is used as Capitalized Cost Reduction. Whenever the Cash Down less than the total of Upfront values, the difference is added to the Capitalized Cost.

APR Lease should checked if a money factor is not used for lease calculations.

The Advance Payments field is used for special calculation leases such as a one-pay lease. When calculating a one-pay Lease, the number of Advance Payments would equal the lease term.

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