So you are ready to use the Showcase Technology Preview? Awesome! 

To get started, open a Chrome browser, login in the Portal, and click on Showcase from the apps dropdown. 

To import a transaction from your DMS, click on Retrieve and type a deal number into the search field. 

To begin a transaction without importing, click on Retrieve and click the New button.

  1. You can begin building your transaction starting with the icons in the upper right corner. Navigate through Numbers, Customer, and Vehicle to outline details. Click the X and then blue calculate icon. 

  2. If you want your customer to complete an Insight Interview, click on Insight and allow your customer to complete the questions.

  3. Use Term A and Term B to offer two financing options. To disable the Term B option, click the eye icon.

  4. Include products in the transaction by clicking on the product line. Indicate which plans should include the product or if the product is not eligible, check the DNQ box. You can select coverage, deductible, and term/miles to offer from the Product Menu. To move to the next product, click on the next product line.

  5. Once all your products are rated, click on the blue calculate button. Saved progress is indicated by a green check marked cloud. 

  6. Now you are ready to present the transaction to the customer! Click on Present.

  7. You can explain the transaction details to your customer and then click on Overview.

  8. Overview allows you to present each product to your customer using descriptions, infographics, and videos. Click the three dots to the left of the product to mark it as Suggested. You can also re-rate the product to meet your customer's needs by clicking on Rate. When you have presented all the products, click on Choices. 

  9. The product packages will be displayed on the screen. Walk your customer through each package and learn which one would be best for them. You can drill down into the details of each product column by clicking on the boxed arrow next to the column numbers.

  10. This will give you the cost breakdown, the product descriptions, and the ability to watch the product video again if needed. To add a product to be included, click on "Include" next to the product. To remove an included product, click on Edit at the top and click "Remove" next to the product.

  11. When the customer makes their decision, choose the monthly payment that corresponds with the desired term and click on Finalize. 

  12. The Included/Excluded product breakdown will appear. To move forward, click the blue pencil icon in the bottom right corner. Have the customer digitally sign the disclosure and click on Accept.

  13. Your next step is to close the transaction by clicking on the Tail Light logo in the upper left corner. You will be taken to the transaction and the customer's selection will be highlighted. Click on Contracts to continue. 

  14. You will see your Active Quotes. To make a contract draft of any excluded product, click on Excluded and check the box. Click Next to continue. 

  15. Complete any required fields and verify that the amount financed is correct. Click Create Contracts to move forward. 

  16. Click on View to print each contract. Click Complete to finish the transaction. 

The Client Experience Team is always on hand to answer your questions! You can reach us using the chat bubble in the lower left, or send us an email at

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