The first step is to set up an API Method, which will allow our Menu application to pull deals from DealerTrack.

  1. Add the API Method in OpenTrack.

  2. Select the desired method from the list of available methods.

  3. Select a vendor from the list of certified vendors.

  4. Enter today's date in MMDDYY format.

  5. Leave the Access Ends field blank and click on 'OK'.

The second step is to set up a Scheduled Job, which will allow our Reporting application to retrieve deals from DealerTrack to create reports. You will need to know your Dealertrack Enterprise Code and Company Number.

  1. Add a Scheduled Sales Job with Ristken as the vendor and choose for the job to run 'Daily'.

  2. Complete the job parameters by right-clicking on each one and keying in the proper value: TERMS = YES; DAYS = 30; ACCPT DEAL = YES; CUST INFO = YES

  3. Enter a name for the file. We recommend your "Enterprise Code_Company Code_" (ex. YY_XXX_)

  4. Key in the following: IP Address =; User ID = arkona; Password = ftarkonap

  5. Accept the defaults for Send Passive and Send Binary. Press Enter to add the scheduled job.

  6. Right-click on 'Manual' and change it 'Automatic'.

  7. Right-click on the job and choose Run.

The last step in this process is to send an email to and include the following information:

  1. Your DealerTrack Enterprise Code

  2. Your DealerTrack Company Code

  3. The File Name of Scheduled Job that you set up

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