The Service Payment Plan (SPP) option is available in Commerce when you begin the contracting process. 

NOTE: GAP and Limited Warranty are not SPP eligible at this time. Also, if the SPP option box is not displayed, then SPP is either not eligible for that product or that term.

The SPP option will be displayed when you are ready to move forward with creating official contracts. 

To utilize the SPP feature, check the box next to “SPP” and “Official” for each SPP product, then click on “Create”.

NOTE: Printing a draft of a contract will void the ability to use SPP.

Once official contracts have been created, any contract that is linked to an SPP will have two buttons: “View [Contract Number]” and “View Payment-Link”. Click on the “View Payment-Link” button to continue.

NOTE: The “View Payment-Link” buttons are the same and just duplicated across to all products. You can click on any link to begin entering information for the SPP.

The SPP platform will open in a new tab. You can make edits to the number of payments, the down payment, and the monthly payment date. Choose between entering Credit/Debit Card Information or Bank Account information, complete the fields, and click on Next.

NOTE: You can view and print a draft of the SPP Retail Installment contract before you complete the fields. 

The customer will check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, electronically sign the document, and click on Next.

Verify the information entered is accurate and click on “Purchase Now”. If anything needs to be changed, click on the Previous button to go back and make the necessary changes. 

You can now view and print the SPP contract. 

You will need to go back to your Commerce tab and click on the “View [Contract Number]” button to print your product contracts.

For issues with SPP, please call (866) 731-5990.

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