Screen-sharing exposes dealerships to significant privacy concerns and risks.

While businesses leverage screen-sharing technology for collaboration, screen-sharing is not ideally suited for finance department personnel to use with customers. Anytime dealership personnel share their screen with a customer, the potential exists for non-public information for a different customer to be exposed. In most states, dealerships are considered Creditors in the transactions involving consumer financing. As such, Creditor responsibilities raise the privacy threshold for the dealership. If, while sharing a screen with a customer, another customer's private data is exposed, the dealership's reputation is at significant risk.

By integrating co-browsing technology, Showcase Mirror completely eliminates this risk. With co-browsing, the dealership's computer is never seen by the client. Instead, co-browsing technology enables your customer to view a duplicate rendering of the Showcase presentation workflow on their personal computer or tablet. Then as dealership personnel interact with Showcase, the actions and events are simulated on your customer's computer or tablet. Your customers will experience the presentation as if they were in the same room as you. All while ensuring no information from the dealership computer is shared with the customer. By using co-browsing technology that is HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27100 compliant, Showcase Mirror financially protects the dealership and its reputation.

Additionally, there is nothing to download, and your customer does not need to create an account. The dealership can schedule a session or share a link with the customer on demand. Showcase Mirror works with most major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and IE11 and above. Customers using computers and tablets devices will enjoy the best experience. However, mobile devices are generally too small for an effective presentation. Furthermore, Showcase Mirror leverages proprietary encoding technology to ensure a seamless experience for low/slow bandwidth users.

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